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Monday, January 18, 2010;

Today, baobei's study table has arrived while he's in school. The delivery guys came at 11am sharp, laling show them which room to assemble the table at. After that i clean up the table n wait for baobei to come home ... He is so cute ok, ask me to hold him becos he wanna close his eyes & look only when we've reached his room. Hahas ~
Luckily he like it very much : )

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Friday, January 15, 2010;

So far i've liked Beacon Primary, they arrange things well. They have security guards, they also have traffic warden to look after the traffic while kids are crossing the road before & after school. They provide direct emails to our kid's form teacher etc etc BUT there's one thing i hate MOST ... that is ... those caregivers of the school children. We parents of P1 parents are allow to stand along the pavement near the sch gate, so that our child can find us easily. And there're always these people, esp old aunties and maids who love holding their BIG, HUGE opened umbrella when standing along the pavement.

I understand the sun is big, weather is warm BUT pls there're many other parents there waiting for their kids too! Even the security told them to close their umbrella in order for other parents to look out for their kids & also for safety purpose. Imagine u standing there waiting then suddenly u felt a poke at ur head, how will u feel??? I'll stare at those who stand near my with their opened umbrella to back off else i'll wont hesitate to tell them off is they kana me ~

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010;

Its always so shiok to shop without baobei around, the reason is becos he cannot stand shopping!! He'll nag non-stop, asking whether we have shop finish alrd, or ask questions like y u like to shop huh. U got so many things to buy meh? =.=''

Laling isnt workin today so after sending baobei to sch, i went back to take a short rest then bath & at 8.30am sharp laling & i went out. Thinking of havin dim sum but lazy to drive until town area so we headed over to IMM to have breakfast. We settle on ah mei cafe which is next to the kopitiam. Both of us had set A which consist of a toast, a cup of coffee & 2 eggs. After breakfast, we shop around & both of us bought shirts at Espirt total damage there = $109. Following that, we went up to mini toons, bought a teddy bear coin saving box for baobei. Now pri 1 le, he'll have lotsa coins to save if he has balance after recess. At 12plus, laling's colleague call, ask laling to pass him the steamer so we drove down to dover to look for him.

Oh, i wanted to get a study table for baobei so laling suggest NOVA as most of our furniture are also bought from there. Though we manage to buy a set that both of us like but the price is $533 even after deducting the 50bucks delievery fee. But wat to do, most parents are so willingly to get stuffs for their kids esp when it comes to studying. Monday baobei will have a study table of his own ! : )

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Friday, January 08, 2010;

Its really cool & convenient to communicate with ur child's form teacher via email. Best when he/she has a facebook account .. hahas ! Baobei is on MC today & last night i've alrd typed and email his form teacher regarding this issue. This morning i received her reply sayin that she has taken note of my boy's absence and oso attached his timetable to me. Isnt it great to be able to exchange informations & get the latest updates directly from teachers : )
Haha, im starting to love Beacon Pri ~

This is baobei's Timetable

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010;

Its baobei's Initiation Day !! It marks the start of his life in primary sch, nomore daddy/mummy standing outside the canteen seeing them. Nomore bringing them into the sch premise, have to bid byebye at the sch gate.

We, parents are invited to watch their initiation ceremony which starts at 10.45am. So after baobei's recess at 9.15am, laling & i walked to our house there de coffeeshop to have some drinks. Until 10.35am then we start walking back to the sch. At 11am sharp, we're told that we can proceed to the hall as the kids are alrd settled in the hall. After the principal's speech the class starts lining up to go up the stage to recive their medal proudly!

When baobei's class is up, i quickly walk over to the 'photography area' to snap snap snap my baobei. I've to face reality man, he is really a big boy liao. Nomore baby boy le .. Primary 1 alrd !!! Omg ~ hahas ! And oh, he loves the medal very much ^.^

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Monday, January 04, 2010;

It's baobei's first day of school today !! Juz like that, a month sch holidays are over & its back to reality. I guess im more axious than my boy, i woke up at 6am to find that its raining heavily! Got so fed up ok, 1st day of sch & this is how the weather welcome them. I pray hard that it'll stop or at least rain smaller by 7am so that baobei wont get drenched by the time he reached sch. True enough, at ard 7.15am the rain got alot smaller & im so very happy .. Thank GOD!

Woke baobei up at 7am, he's very excited & thats a good sign. After washing up, i got him dressed. At 7.30am sharp we left the house .. Slowly walked to his sch, reached there at 7.40am. Timing juz nice : ) A teacher brought him to his class's area & i re-assure him that i'll wait for him. Soon after they're all been brought to the hall to have their 1st assembly, while we parents wait patiently at the canteen. 8.45am sharp we're been invite to the hall to hear the principal's short speech, after which we can take a short tour up to our kids' classroom.

We're allow to take photos when spending that 5mins outside the classrooms.
9.15am, the kids came down for their first recess. We had bought food coupon for baobei so as he wont be confused when coming to buying his food. These coupon can last him for a month before we let him bring money to sch. Teachers & PV helped out .. thanks to them, baobei got his food & a packet of HL milk. Seeing him eating happily makes me feel so relieved & proud !! Alright, cutting short my post .. Laling & i went to fetch him at 1pm. 2 more days for us to stay around, from thurs onwards no parents can linger inside the sch premises. Hope everything will goes smoothly for my boy ^.^

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Friday, January 01, 2010;

Goodbye 2009 & Welcome 2010 !! Another year has end & a brand new year has just begun. Hopefully 2010 will bring more joy & happiness for the whole world ~ As for me, all i wish/hope/pray for in 2010 is ;

Hereby, i wanna wish everybody a happy new year !!! CHEERS ~

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009;

OK, i know i have been missing for months. Just dun have that mood to blog, but im coming back again. 2009 is coming to an end & lets us all welcome to a better, happier 2010 !! I'll be back to blogging from 01012010 ~

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Saturday, September 26, 2009;

Will you, take this man to be your wedded husband, to live together in the legal estate of matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, honour and keep him in sickness and in health and forsaking all others, be faithful to him, so long as you both shall live?

Sounds familiar? Thats the marriage vows that i extract from the internet. But how many couples could actually fufill those words that they had said to each other? I dont know too .. Though i know i'll definitely stay with my man no matter what happen, esp whether is he in good health or in sickness. I will stick with him tru thick & thin.

But never did i expect him to hide something from me for months!! And it is something to do with his health, which to me is very important. So i look like someone who will run away or hide if i know u're not feelin well?? Or i look like someone who can only share the joys with u yet not ur woes?? Im really really very hurt to be the last to know, im useless to not notice that something is not correct. Maybe im too overly spoilted to actually notice ppl around me? Im totally lost, i really didnt thought that i took that long to know what is going on. I know the reason he didnt want to tell me is dun want to let me worry unduly BUT im not an outsider!! Hais i know what i said now is useless, whatever damage is alrd done. There's no turning back .. All i want to say is im utterly disappointed ... ...

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009;

Its been a long time since baobei had a huge sickness but today daddy drove us to KKH once agin after about a year plus. Yesterday afternoon baobei suddenly came down with high fever, quickly bring him to Senja to see Dr Tan, maybe becos he juz start fever so Dr Tan say cant really know whats exactly wrong with him so doc juz prescribe fever, cough & phelgm med for baobei. Went home straight after that and thats when things start to go from bad to worse .. .. Middle of the night baobei woke up with temperature at 38.6, thought after feeding med his temp will go down but i was wrong .. it linger there w/o even going down in fact it kept climbing up. By the time its morning, he's burning hot at 39 degree ..

Called the clinic & ask Dr tan what should i do, he told me to mointor him & if temp still doesn go down i've to bring baobei back to see him in the evening. At home i keep sponging him & even played running to force his sweat out hoping this will put his temp down but until 5pm he's still hot at 39.5 degree so mummy say go kkh to seek treatment better, in case its H1N1. 10mins later we're on the way down to kkh, lucky for me daddy's on leave so he drove us down. Laling is having company meeting so he cant come along but im lucky to have mum & dad with me. Reaching there the nurse took temp for him & it read 39.9 ~ omg i almost faint at that moment but i know i've to be strong orelse baobei will feel scare.

After waiting for 5mins, baobei's name is being called .. doc did a fast check & bring us to another room to let baobei had his fever med 1st. Then we process to another room to have his nose, mouth, tummy checked .. after which we're told to wait outside for half an hr to see whether will his fever go down but sadly after half hour his temp is still at 39.7 so doc said to let him have a shower. Nurse told me to wet baobei from head to toe with lukewarm water for a full 10 mins, then go back counter to find her. After 10mins baobei is given another dose of fever med, then we had to wait again for another half hour. In between dos called us in again to let baobei had his chest x-ray, luckily his lungs are cleared. So doc decide that baobei is kana some kind of virus infection. At 8.15pm he had another temp taking this time round it went down to 38.8, doc even joke say can go home liao, like finally ... we're asked to wait for another 15mins & had his temp taken again. This time its 38.7 so doc give the green light to go home but with lotsa med !!! And becos baobei's sysptoms had alittle like H1N1 so doc oso prescribe him with Tamiflu & that little bottle cost me anoth 45 bucks. But most importantly is baobei fever can go down .. i didnt realise i didnt had any food until mummy bought a burger for me, guess im too worry to feel the hunger. Am glad to have my parents with me tru out the whole orderal, thanks mum for that burger or not i oso dunno im actually that hungry ~ LOLs

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Saturday, August 15, 2009;

Have booked ticket for this evening, meimei, laling & i will be heading to Great World to watch Jack Neo's latest movie, "Where Got Ghost", 吓到笑. Mummy will be baby-sitting baobei for me, thanks mum! Becos im not familiar with the way there so laling will be driving there, hahas thanks laling i know im ur driver but hor i really dun wanna be late for the movie, LOLs~ manage to reach there almost an hour before the show start so the 3 of us went to Burger King to have dinner as we're watching the 6:50pm slot. After a filling dinner, we go toilet then in we go to the cinema : )

There're together of 3 stories, the 1st one is alittle boliao & not scary at all, 2nd story is about NS men getting lost in the forest, i got freaked out once & its damn funny. 3rd story, very funny & touching which i least expected to have this part. Overall i'll give the movie 9/10 stars cos its REAL FUNNY !!! After movie, we shop ard for awhile .. hahas bad idea i guess cos laling & i spend $162 @ the Espirt shop .. hahas =X Anyway we had a great evening : )

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Friday, August 07, 2009;

Today baobei's sch will be celebrating Singapore 44th birthday @ 10am. Baobei has prepared himself for the pledge, songs & dance that they will be performing. Woke up @ 8.15am, got prepare & catch the 9.33am bus to sch. At 10am sharp they start to go into their class to do some warming up. Miss Ang told me they'll be bringing the kids to the badminton court to do their performance, so i waited outside the classroom until all the classes start walking towards the badminton court.

So happy to see that baobei is enjoying himself very much, took some photos & video too ~

Can u spot my boy ?? hehe ~

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Saturday, July 25, 2009;

Dinner's at boon lay restaurant today! Thats becos we'll be celebrating mummy & grandmum's birthday, their birthday are only a few days apart so yearly we'll always celebrate their birthday together. This year bro has came out to this society to work le so he & i have decide to share cost for the dinner.

Went over to fetch mei while dad drive over to fetch grandmum. Meet up at the carpark at jurong east, haha dont know is lucky or unlucky. The restaurant happen to have 2 pairs of newly wed couples havin their wedding dinner there. One newly wed couple's friend even got drunk & talk as if he own the restaurant. Becos we got there quite late, ard 8pm so we didnt had time to buy cake for them so we'll be getting them a replaced cake on monday : )

Happy Birthday Grandmum & Mummy ~

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